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Can Losing Weight Improve My Heart Health?

Can losing weight improve my heart health? Yes, yes, and yes is the answer. Hearing mantras about keeping a healthy weight tell you immediately that your weight affects your health in general and that of your heart both positively and negatively. In fact, how you lose weight and how fast you lose it can affect your heart health as well. 

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Life’s Essential 8 For Heart Health

It’s almost impossible to watch TV or follow social media without someone telling us how to keep our heart healthy. Our grocery stores are filled with products screaming, “Buy me, I’m heart healthy.” Of course we all want to keep our hearts fit and functioning, but it’s not easy to know who or what to believe. A more credible source might be the American Heart Association who tells us about life’s essential 8 for heart health.

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Smartwatch Says Irregular Heartbeat. Should I See A Doctor?

Smartwatches entered our lives and culture less than a decade ago, and Apple and Fitbit continue to improve the technology offered in these wearable devices. Having electrocardiogram capability (ECG) is but one valuable tool to help monitor heart rhythm. So if my smartwatch says irregular heartbeat, should I see a doctor?

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Winter Precautions to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Issues

As the temperatures begin to take a dive, we know winter is heading our way. Winter weather can be especially risky for your health if you have had a heart attack, have heart disease, or are over age 65. Be advised of the following winter precautions to reduce your risk of heart issues.

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Heart Palpitations: Should I Be Concerned?

We have all heard about lovers who see each other for the first time and their hearts “skip a beat.” We are not talking about those kinds of heart palpitations. We are talking about palpitations that could be related to a physical heart issue, or maybe they are just a simple glitch. So, when feeling heart palpitations, should you be concerned?

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How Obesity Can Impact Your Heart Health

When you are overweight, it can limit many activities in your life. It can restrict how much exercise you get, and you may find yourself shying away from social activities as a whole. Let’s look at how obesity negatively affects your life in general, including how obesity can impact your heart health.

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Living Life With A Pacemaker Or Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator

The good news is that living with a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter-defibrillator improves your quality of life and extends it. However, once you have these devices implanted, there are certain precautions you must take to keep them functioning properly.

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