Keeping Your Heart Healthy During A Pandemic

We’re not through with this untimely health scare yet, and many of us are still unable to rejoin our local gym, but this shouldn’t be an excuse for letting yourself go. You know what we mean. Yourself, friends, and relatives may be lamenting that they have added pounds during the quarantine. But even if you have, it’s time to do something about it by staying focused on keeping your heart healthy during a pandemic.

Dance The Night Away (Or Maybe Just The Afternoon)

Movement or physical activity of almost any kind is good for your heart. Turn up your favorite dance tunes, gather the family around and “kick up your heels.” Not only is dancing a great way to boost your circulation, but it will help you lose some of the quarantine 15. Plus, it might even improve your mood.Doctor hold red heart with concept covid 19

In addition to dancing, try jogging in place as you watch TV. Yoga is also a great way to reduce stress and anxiety resulting from the pandemic, plus it can aid in cardiovascular health.

Get Up And Go!

Yes, you can still “go” as long as you social distance. The fresh air is good for you, and it provides some Vitamin D.

  • Take your dog for longer walks every day
  • Pull out that old bike and take a scenic ride.
  • Get in your car, seek out a new destination,  and walk, walk, walk.

All these activities are good for your cardiovascular health. Who needs a gym?

Stay In Touch With New Jersey Cardiology Associates

This is especially important if you have a heart condition. Monitor your blood pressure daily, take all your medications, and request a telehealth consult or appointment if necessary.

Healthy Eats Make For A Healthy Heart

It’s easy to get off track during the pandemic and indulge in take out dinners and fast food fixes. Too many sweets and too much alcohol can take their toll.

Begin by filling your grocery cart with whole foods, healthy fruits and veggies, and healthy fats like salmon. Avoid processed foods loaded with salt and sugar. Too much salt in your daily diet puts you at higher risk for coronary heart disease. If you purchase them and they’re in your pantry, eventually you will eat them.

Lastly, avoid those late night binges. They can lead to heart disease especially in women.

We can all come through this pandemic at the other end and remain heart healthy.

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